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Name: The Devin Nicknames: That weird guy, Psycho boy, get the… - Totally Ratings!

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July 20th, 2005

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01:23 pm

Name: The Devin
Nicknames: That weird guy, Psycho boy, get the hell out of my house before I call the police etc.
Age: 22
Gender: Asexual robot

Likes: TV shows I'm way too old for, reading, training my body with weights, redneck heavy metal bands, country music, drinking, my comics, my novel which I will sell for a million dollars.
Dislikes: School, work, clingy people.
Hobbies: Writing, playing basketball,
Talents: World Domination. I'm about five to ten working days away at present.
Strong Points: Dogged determination, relentlessness, powerful speaking voice, good upper body strength.
Weak Points: Obessivness towards my goals, lack of patience, my damn bipolar disorder.
Favorite Color: Black.
Favorite Subject: World History.
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rocky Road.
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite City (Other than Beverly Hills) and Why: Seattle is pretty cool.

Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic.
Hyper or Calm or Normal Energy: Immensely hyper.
Impulsive or Think Things Through: Impulsive.
Outgoing or Shy: Neither
Mature or Immature?: People have placed me in both categories at some point.
Leader or Follower?: I'm too anti-social to be either.
Pants or Skirts? Shorts.
How would you describe your style? I have one?

If you could only carry 3 things in your purse, what would they be? Don't have one.
Favorite Character? Why?: Anyone who knows me knows this. But I'm probably most like Tim Scam.
If you had to choose between your true love or the good of the team, which would you choose? Good of the team
Anything else?:
Pictures (optional):

Yeah it's a bad one.

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[User Picture]
Date:July 20th, 2005 11:26 pm (UTC)
Toss out the psycho-ness, and you'd be Tim Scam. Unfortuntely, that's too crucial a part of your personality, so my vote is that guy from Stuck in the Middle Ages With You. mostly because Scammy leaks over with sexuality, and claim to be an asexual robot. ^.-

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