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This is a ratings community for the cartoon series Totally Spies.

Like any other rating community, this is where you fill out a little survey and other people vote on which Totally Spies character you most resemble, then you get stamped based on the majority.

You will be stamped once you have received 4-5 votes and the majority will be taken, or after 3 days. Whichever comes first. :3 I make it short so that people can actually get stamped. I know communities like this move sort of slowly sometimes. ^^; There will be no ties, however, I'll wait until one vote is higher than the other.

- No rudeness.
- Even if you have not been stamped yet, you can still vote.
- Pictures of yourself are not required, but preferred.
- Fill out the survey as detailed and as much as possible.
- The survey and pictures must be behind a lj-cut.
- To prove you've read this, please put "rating communities are, like, SO passe" in the subject line of your application.
- Please elaborate on your vote, but please bold your final choice.
- Check the interests below for a list of the characters you can pick from. (Not including villians for now.)
- Do not use lj icons with a Totally Spies character on them, it'll throw off the voters. Additionally, no cosplay. (Is there Totally Spies cosplay out there?)

And now, the survey:

Name: (real name if possible)

Strong Points:
Weak Points:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Subject:
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:
Favorite Season:
Favorite City (Other than Beverly Hills) and Why:

Optimistic or Pessimistic:
Hyper or Calm or Normal Energy:
Impulsive or Think Things Through:
Outgoing or Shy:
Mature or Immature?:
Leader or Follower?:
Pants or Skirts?
How would you describe your style?

If you could only carry 3 things in your purse, what would they be?
Favorite Character? Why?:
If you had to choose between your true love or the good of the team, which would you choose?
Anything else?:
Pictures (optional):
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